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Legal Process Outsourcing Consultants

Specialize in helping companies, firms, and other legal professionals & entrepreneurs minimize costs by filling gaps in expertise or competencies, increase flexibility and time management in response to workloads, and reducing legal or business project turnaround times using technology.


Our expert support areas include but not limited to investigation, legal research, litigation support in Business Law, Civil, Family Law, Freedom of Information Act, contract review & analysis, document review, and other services.

Need business plans, proposals, or legal documents? Reports?

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WriteComm & Bakari Group provides on-demand consulting, technology-powered legal  services and tools, and virtual assistant support to individuals, entrepreneurs,

law firms, and businesses seeking business and strategy plans, legal process support,

market research, writing, and personal assistant services.

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WriteComm & Bakari Group LLC.

Consulting, Contracting, and Investments

Metro Atlanta

Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045

T 404-965-2054 | E-Mail: info@writecommllc.com | Contact us

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