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WriteComm & Bakari Group LLC

We are a multi-faceted business that provides a range of consulting, contracting services, and undertaking investments.


  • As a customer's business partner, we provide consulting within the business and legal support industries using tech/technological strategies and solutions. Services include helping companies, firms, and other legal professionals & entrepreneurs minimize costs by filling gaps in expertise or competencies, increase flexibility and time management in response to workloads, and reducing legal or business project turnaround times.


  • Contracting and management services for the quality preservation of Real Estate Owned (REO) and foreclosed properties.


  •  Investing in the buying and selling of wholesale real estate properties.

WriteComm & Bakari Group LLC.

Consulting, Contracting, and Investments

Metro Atlanta

Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045

T 404-965-2054 | E-Mail: info@writecommllc.com | Contact us

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